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seeking age to
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Member3919726 (Сейчас на сайте!)
56-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 52-62; В разводе
woman full of love and health Nice looking woman Educated and intelligent man with good job I am looking a man only from European Union countries, please
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Member6766513 (Сейчас на сайте!)
57-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 50-65; В разводе
Hello. I the Russian, was born in Russia I want to find the husband, what together to come to an old age. Children grew up and live independently. I know that such loneliness. So there is a wish to talk, take a walk
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p0ganini (Сейчас на сайте!)
56-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 51-70; В разводе
I am independent and self-sufficient person. I have no time for boredom and melancholy. I have friends. With many people, I support a good relationship. I have green eyes, white skin and blond hair. style - classic and
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Member6816205 (Сейчас на сайте!)
41-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 39-50; Расскажу позже
am looking for that special person in my life. The one I can give love to every day. I want the spark, chemistry, trust. We can motivate and support each other for our goals. We should have compromise and understanding
Member5854167 (Сейчас на сайте!)
48-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 46-59; В разводе
Personality I am tender and gentle, sincere and honest, very feminine and sensuous, romantic, open. I am family-oriented, loyal and trustworthy. Interests: Reading, socializing with friends, cooking, cozy home life,
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Member6924525 (Сейчас на сайте!)
52-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 50-75; Расстались
I, m an ordinary woman. Whith a sense of humor. I love nature. I like to listen to good music and also like to travel. My height is 175, weight is 80 kg, my hair is light, my eyes are blue. I like to dress in the mood
Member6876205 (Сейчас на сайте!)
39-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 37-55; В разводе
I'm not perfect, but I'm happy with myself! Sensitive and emotional, elegant and well educated. Diplomatic. I have an amazing intuition! Who I am? I don't know exactly... Sometimes I am the sun, sometimes I am a night..
snow_woman (Сейчас на сайте!)
48-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 48-55; В разводе
Whatever you wish for yourself, give it to someone else. If you want to be happy, make someone else happy. If you want to be lucky, help someone else succeed. If you want to get more love in your life, make the other
Member6606955 (Сейчас на сайте!)
45-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 41-57; В разводе
I like travelling, photography and ashtanga yoga. Would be great to meet a real caring and passionate classy gentleman to love and take care of. For good conversations about everything life has to offer and enjoy life
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Member6936148 (Сейчас на сайте!)
29-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 29-40; Холост - в браке не был
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