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Member6309694 (Сейчас на сайте!)
39-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 33-55; В разводе
I am active, expressive, social, interested in many things. Friendly, outgoing with a great sense of humor. I am a moody person, more moody than I would like to be. I would say that I am very generous; I take pleasure
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Member7104529 (Сейчас на сайте!)
24-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 30-45; Холост - в браке не был
I’m a fun loving lady, I grew up in Kenya, i love spending time with kids and just having fun. I enjoy my free time reading novels, watching movies, going for a walk, I have a job which I love. I love my family and
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Member5773929 (Сейчас на сайте!)
56-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 52-60; Расстались
I live in St. Petersburg. I like walking and riding on a bicycle. I like the sun and the summer. I am light and nice person. Sometimes a chance meeting changes the whole life. You meet someone who shares your life into
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Member5725558 (Сейчас на сайте!)
64-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 62-69; В разводе
I live Russia the city of Vladivostok. The city is on coast of sea of Japan My growth 1м-65см. A dense constitution. Fashion modern I search clever, kind reliable for the man.
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Member5829947 (Сейчас на сайте!)
52-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 51-64; В разводе
I am 46/ I am a teacher. my hobby is sewing. I have 2 children: doughter and son. Я среднего роста., волосы темные, глаза карие. Я спокойная, добрая, неконфликтная. Мой любимый стиль одежды - обычный Я ищу доброго,
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Eugenia7046878 (Сейчас на сайте!)
57-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 51-72; В разводе
I am a positive open man. My work is related to the social sphere. I love harmony. I like nature, music, art, travel. Im a tall girl.. )) I used to play basketball professionally, so I love being on the team - family,
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Member3942213 (Сейчас на сайте!)
59-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 62-72; Вдова
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Member7044816 (Сейчас на сайте!)
70-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 62-75; В разводе
I enjoy and value the life. Being alone and very progressive I can do many things on my own, but I can imagine how many beautiful things we could make while beeing together. Regarding my attitude to woman and man
Member7109646 (Сейчас на сайте!)
49-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 55-75; Холост - в браке не был
I am a happy person, loving, caring, understanding, kind and honest. I grow up in philippines, I am a family oriented, I am a helper, I am willing to work in other country, love to travel. I'm 5'2" in hieght, I have
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Member7118797 (Сейчас на сайте!)
62-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 60-70; Вдова
I immigrated to the USA to reunite with my daughter a year ago. Currently, awaiting for my green card. Most of my life I worked as an actress at the drama theatre. As well as this, I worked on the radio and television
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