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Member7031807 (Сейчас на сайте!)
39-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 34-57; В разводе
I like active life. I like modern and pasionate life. I do like trying new things, and lorning new things in life. I do like meet honest people, with sense of humor and trusfuly smiling at face. I like modern life
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Member5390584 (Сейчас на сайте!)
57-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 49-61; Вдова
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Member5477739 (Сейчас на сайте!)
45-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 46-57; В разводе
Ordinary woman. Divorced. There is a wonderful daughter, she is 17 years old. I like to read, cook, create a home cosiness, travel, warm summer rain, contemplate.., swim... )) Обыкновенная женщина. В разводе. Есть
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Member6932171 (Сейчас на сайте!)
57-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 55-70; В разводе
My name is Irina, I live in Kyrgyzstan Central Asia. I have an optimistic outlook on life. I am a good listener, and I am a good conversationalist. I like to travel and enjoy the simple things in life. My style of dress
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Dream0904 (Сейчас на сайте!)
54-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 50-67; В разводе
I'm solid and strong personality. But it is very romantic, a little shy. I love music, dancing, reading different literature, theater, animals and much more.... I'm a pretty tall girl. My height is 170 cm and I love the
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Member7036266 (Сейчас на сайте!)
38-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 20-40; Холост - в браке не был
I am a open person, I am looking for someone who is open and cant accept people just the way they are. I am a profound, loving and romantic woman. Among love I am fair, adaptable, warm hearted, tender and faithful. I
Member4448069 (Сейчас на сайте!)
43-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 43-55; Расскажу позже
I have been living in Finland for a long time, moving to another country is not impossible for me. If I find a man with similar interests and mutual sympathy - I would be glad to meet you. I guess you have of European
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pretty_woman (Сейчас на сайте!)
32-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 30-47; В разводе
I'm project manager in IT so it means I usually spend a lot of time in the office, but I always want to spend time chatting with friends while small breaks. I also would mention that I'm very career oriented. About my
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Member6975696 (Сейчас на сайте!)
48-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 46-53; В разводе
Nuoširdi, draugiška. Normali. Draugo.
Member6910885 (Сейчас на сайте!)
58-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 54-61; В разводе
Hi, glad to meet you on LavaPlace... I’m looking for a man with whom I’d like to share my life … without love and friendship life is empty … In relations with others I try to obey the following principles: I don’t
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