General questions

How do I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by following the "Remove Profile" link in "my profile" at any time. If you do not have access to your account, please contact our Customer Support.

How do I hide my profile?

To make your profile and your photos visible only to logged-in members or your favorites, please update your privacy settings accordingly. To temporarily turn your profile off so that no one can see or contact you while you are gone, click "Hide your profile" link in your profile. To turn it back on, click "Re-activate my profile" on the same page.

Can I have nude photos in my profile?

No, you may not publish photos containing nudity or any explicit content to your profile. Profiles with nude photos will be rejected and may be suspended for abuse. You can protect your private photos with a password if you like to.

How do I stop recurring billing of my order?

You can stop recurring billing of your order in your billing history at any time. If you do not have access to your account, please contact our Customer Support.

Why most of the matches I receive in my newsletter are from far-away countries? Can I get my local matches only?

This is because there were not too many new local matches in your location at that moment, and we included some foreign matches for you just in case. However, you can choose if you do not want to get your international matches in your account settings at any time.

How do I report a fake profile or a scammer?

Please, use the "report" link from the target profile to report any scam, abuse or policy violation activity. We work hard on eliminating scammers and your help is greatly appreciated.

How do I disable Instant Messenger?

You can disallow other members to send you Instant Messages in your account privacy settings at any time.

How do I allow only logged-in users to see my profile?

You can disallow unauthorized members to view your profile in your account privacy settings at any time.

How do I disable Virtual Kisses?

You can disallow other members to send you their "Virtual Kiss" in your account privacy settings at any time.

Are all these people real?

Each and every profile you see was placed by a person just like you -- someone who came to our site and registered. When you create an account, you're joining the thousands who make this choice every single day.

Are there hidden costs? I know that I have to pay somehow.

There are no hidden costs. When you decide to buy subscription you'll be charged a monthly membership fee, which is listed on our upgrade page.

Are you going to sell my email address to marketers?

No. We never sell, rent, lease, loan, give or transfer your name and email address to any marketing companies, third party advertisers or their agencies. Your name and email address is never revealed to anyone.

Do I have to go through hundreds of pages to find the few people I'm interested in?

Not at all. Our advanced search functions and our proprietary automatch function will find the people that could be the most compatible with you.

Do you monitor my private messages that I send to others?

No. As a rule we don't monitor or filter private instant messages or emails. However if you receive offensive or harassing material from other members you can immediately block the offending party and/or notify about the incident.

Do you tell other members my email, my name or my cell phone number?

Never! The foundation of our site is your security and privacy. We provide anonymous emailing and chatting options to our members. You choose the people that you want to share your personal details with.

How do I sign up?

Simply click sign up and follow the instructions!

Is my safety fully protected on the site?

Yes. 100% security is the reason why we're successful. Your phone number, name and address are never revealed to anyone. You can block communications from people whom you don't want to talk to. Dating on LavaPlace.com is much safer than going to a local bar or night club.

Is this site free?

Most of the features are FREE on our site. Here are some of the FREE features that other dating sites would charge you for:

* FREE Profile Creation
* FREE Photo Uploading
* FREE Search
* FREE Automatch
* FREE Winking at people
* FREE E-Mail Reading
* FREE Incoming Instant Messaging (others charge for this)

When you decide to purchase a Membership you'll have access to our premium services.

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