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Member7061808 (Была на сайте сегодня)
60-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 50-70; Холост - в браке не был
Attractive sportive lady in a good shape. Educated, Intelligent, Free. Have a valid mult business Shengen visa, can fly soon to meet. Love the sea and the sun, to swimm a lot. Please, no time wasters with long mails.
irinka5 (Была на сайте 3 часа назад)
54-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 48-68; В разводе
I am Irina, live in vyborg. I am intelligent, feminine, carefull, tender, comunication. Like music, theatre, good films, nature, home comfort, travel, sport, injoy life... Like sport clothes in dayly life, but for my
Member5929132 (Была на сайте 2 недели назад)
57-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 45-75; В разводе
i am good looking Depending on the situation and mood. Good looking men
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Member6908212 (Была на сайте сегодня)
55-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 52-62; В разводе
I am an ordinary woman who wants simple family happiness. I was born in Siberia, but almost all my life I live in Kazakhstan. I like to travel, see new places and new people. I love dogs, jazz and the sea. I have an
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Member7068170 (Была на сайте сегодня)
58-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 55-70; В разводе
Hello, I live in Lithuania, in capital Vilnius. Im happy in my life, but want to meet lovely Friend. Kids are big, Im free and want to share my freedom with You. I like traveling, music and Im an optimist. : ) I believe
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dincise (Была на сайте в этом месяце)
44-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 43-53; Холост - в браке не был
Lived in Riga, love to travel, enjoy good music and interesting people I am an attractive woman.. I like different styles of sportswear, casual. well as women like nice dresses interested in men who have a good sense of
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Member7063629 (Была на сайте в прошлом месяце)
32-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 32-61; Холост - в браке не был
As for me, a person is better characterized by what he does not like. I do not like: boring people, situations when they try to impose their opinions on me and wash dishes. The rest can be agreed with me) I’m quite a
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Member7062985 (Была на сайте сегодня)
44-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 45-55; Холост - в браке не был
Well. I`m just a normal person that lives in one of the beautiful cities in the world - St-Petersburg. My main hobby is travelling. I like to observe new places, new cultures. And I like to make pictures of all those
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Member7069114 (Была на сайте сегодня)
33-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 35-55; Холост - в браке не был
Hello everyone, my name is Vika and I can safely be called a girl with a twinkle! I am a megapositive person (according to my friends) and it’s rather difficult to see me in a bad mood. I lead an active, eventful life,
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Member5468790 (Была на сайте вчера)
28-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 37-67; Холост - в браке не был
I like to learn new things, I like to read, watch movies and listen to music! I like to go in for sport and I like outdoor activities too! I like to be an active person; ) I am beautiful and self-confident girls. I have
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