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seeking age to
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2moscow38 (Сейчас на сайте!)
47-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 37-49; Расстались
My friends and acquaintances say it with me is easy and comfortable. I'm very even-tempered, self-sufficient and benevolent. I'm against plastic surgery for themselves. Smokers have no chance: )
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Nadrev (Сейчас на сайте!)
27-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 32-55; Холост - в браке не был
Am simple and courageous. I like myself. I respect who respects himself and respect me too. I care about people a lot. Attractive and welcoming. Good person. Real person. Serious person. Simple living person
Member7057825 (Сейчас на сайте!)
41-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 36-56; В разводе
I am a down to earth person with a pleasant fun personality. I think my best feature is my smile and personality For starters friendship
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NiceMember (Сейчас на сайте!)
54-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 47-62; В разводе
I easily adapt at any social comunity. I am easy going but choosy about any relationships. I like to spend my free time with a lot of friends but I'll be happy to stay the rest of my life with the beloved and close man
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Sagitarrius (Сейчас на сайте!)
64-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 57-77; В разводе
Being optimistic, friendly, easy-going I often take life with humor. I am active, I like socializing, valmil at ukr. net, I also love nature, appreciate family values. I am intelligent, well educated. Although retired
Member6804673 (Сейчас на сайте!)
45-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 42-54; Расскажу позже
Люблю путешествия Рост 160, волосы средней длины Хочу найти друга
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Member7058708 (Сейчас на сайте!)
45-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 45-55; В разводе
I am from the Czech Republic, I have lived in England for 10 years. I'm an ordinary woman looking for an ordinary man who would like to spend all time with me. Já jsem vysoký a plný - karosovaných blondyna, bělené,
Member7038900 (Сейчас на сайте!)
48-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 45-55; Расстались
Im real woman Kind, love all animals, honest, responsible. Serious, responsible man.... If you want to talk about sex, look for another woman!
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Member5666848 (Сейчас на сайте!)
54-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 54-63; Расстались
I like alive concerts, exibitions, museums, swimming, bike riding, wolking, animals, cooking, backing, gardening, family oriented, I was born and lived until 10 y. o. in Ural, grew up in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia, now
Member7055780 (Сейчас на сайте!)
58-летняя женщина ищет мужчин 60-65; В разводе
It is better to spend the time to find out what a person is really like rather than go by how they describe themselves. Dress style is usually casual. Body type is slender I am seeking true friendship then just see how
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