Trakai Castle, Trakai, Lithuania Victoria House, Calcutta, India The Royal Palace, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Lantau Island, Hong Kong Bamboo Island Pompeii, Italy Temple. Hong Kong Meizhou Island Minsk, Belarus Moscow...brrrrrrrrrrr! Dhaka, Bangladesh Royal Palace, Bangkok Newstead Abbey (Lord Byron's home), England The Royal Palace, Bangkok Dakswineswar Temple, Calcutta, India Meizhou Island Fuqing, China Sorocco Fortress, Moldova
Trakai Castle, Trakai, Lithuania
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Я: 58-летний мужчина
знак зодиака: Весы Весы
нахожусь: Ноттингем, Великобритания
ищу: 29 - 42-летнюю женщину
дети: Нет
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phantasmagoria has visited 25 places.
Колката, Индия @ Radisson. Perfecton. (Business...sourcing garments) 2010-05-16
Grinding poverty in places. Victoria House is beautiful. Tea shops serving chai delightful. I will return.
Москва, Россия @ Holiday Inn (Business) 2009-12-13
Very cold -27C. Read Square was awesome. Pushkin's Restaurant delightful and historical
Дюссельдорф, Германия @ Nice hotel (Business, exhibition) 2009-11-17
Super efficient Germany, but a trifle expensive
Bang Bo, Таиланд @ Hotel (Holiday) 2009-09-14
Royal Palace and temples are beyond beauty.
Краков, Польша @ Apartment (Holiday) 2008-10-08
Been a few times. Krakow cetre is amazing. Salt mines interesting. Auswich concentration camp is beyond words what happened there.
Бари, Италия @ Locoronto (Fashion photo shoot) 2008-05-02
Very quaint, particularly Locoronto
Париж, Франция @ Exhibition hotel (Business) 2007-07-10
Clothing and textile exhibition
Киев, Украина @ Apartment (Business) 2006-10-17
Kiev has numerous interesting boulevards and Orthodox churches
Phnum Pénh, Камбоджа @ Phnom Penh Hotel (Business...sourcing garments) 2006-08-15
The hustle and bustle of Phnom Penh? Ever seen 6 people on a motorbike?.....you will here! The wonders og Angkor Wat, Bamboo Island and the sadness and insanity of the Khmer Rouge and mass genocide.
Кишинёв, Молдавия @ Apartment (Business) 2006-08-12
Chisinau is improving year on year. Bumpy roads though! Even vineyards here. A real cafe socirty developing. Bliss
Дублин, Ирландия @ Dublin hotel (Business) 2006-08-10
Temple Bar is fun :)
Юрмала, Латвия @ apartment (Holiday) 2006-05-16
Visited Jurmala and Riga severally. Great water park at Ventspils. Great nightlife in Riga
Дубай, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты @ Hotel (Business) 2005-07-25
Concrete jungle. Overkill.
Fuzhou, Китай @ Can't remember hotel (Business...soucing garments) 2005-07-21
Wonderful China, but still terribly poor in parts
Осло, Норвегия @ Hotel (Business) 2004-06-08
Delight country, but expensive
Chai Wan, Гонконг @ Several hotels (Business) 2004-03-17
Wonderful HK...a real 24/7/365 city. The smells of the market around Temple Street, trading jade on the Jade Market and the iconic Queen Victoria Hill with panoramic harbour views. Lantau Island and the Big Budha. Been numerous times. Bliss
Мінск Минск, Беларусь @ Yubileyna hotel, Minsk (Business...making garments) 2002-11-27
Wonderful Minsk. Got lost on the tub. Didn't speak Russian. The promonades are awesome. Made about 100 visits since.
Аликанте, Испания @ Hotel (Holiday) 2002-06-27
Holidayed in both Spain and Canaries. Canaries are beautiful.
Dragør, Дания @ Cant't remember hotel. (Business...meeting a customer) 2000-07-18
Wonderful wonderful Copenhagen. The harbour inlet is beautiful. Expected the Little Mermaid to be bigger, much bigger
Вильнюс, Литва @ Lietiva Viesbutis (Business) 1998-05-02
As myliu Lietuva! Have been over 100 times since . Labai grazai Palanga ir Nida. Trakai Pilies (castle) is awesome
Бухарест, Румыния @ Hotel (Business....sourcing garments) 1996-06-03
Crazy hotel. Crazy drivers. Was in Soviet times pre renovation.
Касабланка, Морокко @ Idou Anfa (Business...sourcing clothes) 1996-04-19
Very hot. Kazbars are great. Mint tea is sooooooooooooooo sweet!
Kolamba, Шри-Ланка @ Hotel (Business...garment production) 1996-02-24
Colonial. Awesome country and so green
Дакка, Бангладеш @ Sheraton (Business...sourcing garments) 1995-04-23
My first trip to Bangladesh. Made about 75 trips since! Bedlam.
Innsbruck, Австрия (Holiday) 1976-05-20
My first trip abroad...holiday as a child

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