Taking the Metro Meeting one of my friends sister. Casually!!! just laughing My friend Gandalff Playing merengue güiro Looking after you drinking water from a volcano melted water A snow man (to the left) My lovely daughters. My nephews José María and Nicolás socially drinking with me. Antarctica Pinky ways Playing on a chair My adorable daughter
Taking the Metro
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Я: 58-летний мужчина
знак зодиака: Близнецы Близнецы
нахожусь: Копенгаген, Дания
ищу: 27 - 37-летнюю женщину
дети: Нет
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Shamandoctor has visited 16 places.
Гавана, Куба @ living with friends (tourisme) 2001-06-01
the same like first time
Los Palacios, Куба @ personal connection (tourist) 2000-12-18
I love CUBA!!!! It's the only place (as Latinamerican) where I felt me free. REAL free. If somebody is going there to see how much, how pretty their way of life is, you, surely will say: they are poor. Yes. They haven't so much things, but what they have inside them is much, very much important than Channel nr.5 and fashion, and cars, and pools, and...all that crap people see but not the heart of a people. Try to get to Haiti or such african lands. There will you find REAL poverty. I read someone in this place who sayed : I hated it. FUCKING commies! Did you talk to them?
Гавана, Куба @ with friends (studie percussion, living, play music) 2000-06-01
Wonderful country. A country that's proud of itself. Wonderful people
Punta Arenas, Чили @ horrible place (try to integrate in the society. Impossible.) 1990-01-10
Good friends, good family horrible country
Буэнос-Айрес, Аргентина @ hotel (tourism) 1989-12-28
Wonderful city. Ful of life all the day long
Хельсинки, Финляндия @ hotel (play music) 1984-11-12
Special country. Wonderful landscapes
Нью-Йорк, NY @ iron jungle (to visit my mother in law) 1984-04-10
wonderful music places
Гаага, Нидерланды @ dont remember (play music) 1983-06-09
wonderful city with the ship houses in the channels
Осло, Норвегия @ don't remember the name of the Hotel (play music) 1982-06-05
Wonderful city, but Bergen is special
Баден-Баден, Германия @ dont remember (play music) 1982-05-01
I didn' see so much. We had to travel to Holland
Cusco, Перу @ Cuzco (tourisme) 1979-01-27
A wonderful place. Inca Indians capital. Near Machu pichu. Colonial style. Kind people. Proud of their past.
Managua, Никарагуа @ Managua (See the revolution. Marvelous people. Dreamers) 1979-01-10
Nice people. Great culture. Wondeful landscapes, wonderful revolution destroyed by USA.
Париж, Франция @ friends (tourism) 1978-06-15
The capital of the world
Рим, Италия @ different places (tourism) 1977-05-10
Wonderful city
Копенгаген, Дания @ hotel (emigration. Denmark took me as refugee) 1975-11-05
I live there since
Punta Arenas, Чили @ City (living and studing) 1973-09-11
Where sound man together with a friend doing radio in the pauses in in the University I was studing in.

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