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Я: 40-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Близнецы Близнецы
нахожусь: Aldershot, Великобритания
ищу: 30 - 83-летнего мужчину
для: Брак
Длительные отношения
раса: Другая
семья: Холост - в браке не был
дети: Нет
цвет глаз: Карий
цвет волос: Тёмно-коричневый
телосложение: Среднее
рост: 5' 5'' (165см)
религия: Христианство
выпивка: Не пью
курение: Не курю
пища: Не вегетарианец
род занятий: Продажи/Маркетинг
образование: Неоконченное высшее
языки: Бельгийский (Свободно)
Кантонский (Минимально)
Английский (Немного)
интересы: Крикет, Велоспорт, Танцы, Еда

Общая информация:
I always correspond to my thoughts, feelings and experiences. When my desires do not match my capabilities, I expand the range of my desires in the hope that opportunities will catch up. I am such that the rest immediately fade and fade. When I fall in love, I surrender to my feelings without a trace. It seems to me that I am someone's dream of his whole life..  I am ruled by the philosophy that my partner is my priority and this has to be mutual. I am quite a calm and emotionally balanced lady, who enjoys either having dinner in a fancy restaurant or having it at home in our cozy environment. I care a lot about people. I am a woman grateful to God, tender, affectionate, diligent, amusing and kind. I feel privileged to have a wonderful family, they are my pillar and the fundamental engine to support, encourage, build, build, enjoy and share all the moments that leave beautiful memories and traces of gratitude in the soul. I want a life partner, a best friend, and a man who loves me with all his heart with my virtues and defects... I am a kind, honest, loving, joyful,,, positive and cheerful person. I am a feminine and creative woman who enjoys life. My friends would say that I am compassionate and friendly, honest and genuine. I can do anything; I can allow myself to be happy. I like constant self-development, learning and discovering the world. I like beauty; I enjoy taking care of my appearance... I am calm and balanced, my intuition is able to penetrate the very depths of your soul. Tenderness and reliability, simplicity and lightness are combined in me. If you like the comfort and warmth of the hearth, I can bring it to our life. I like creativity in everything.... Nice to meet you here. I'm a kind-hearted, calm, and sensual person. I'm family-oriented and I plan to enjoy my life with a man who will share my tastes and interests. My close people tell that I'm a cheerful and very lovely person to be around. I'm a very positive woman and wats stay in a good mood, as life is a great thing which we have to enjoy, in spite of anything! I'm an honest and tender person and I think one of my good sides is that I'm flexible,, I am someone who is always up for an adventure but sometimes I am in energy-saving mode. I believe that it is important to start mornings well


I want to meet a good man with a hot heart and with a kind soul. It is nice if he is smart and with a sense of humor. It would be great to enjoy life together. I am ready to take good care of him and it would be my pleasure to cook tasty food for him and I am ready to be a great wife. If he is active in life - it is great, we will be able to go in for sport together, to spend time on fresh air and to enjoy life to the fullest.: I am not looking for an ideal man or luxury and being a spoiled one. I would like to meet a simple man who still remembers how to give and receive love. Who looking to build long-term relationship and will put all of himself in them - because I will do the same as well. So let's maybe make our own love storybook? Containing love, passion, great moments and a happy ending? Ready to be my co-author? I am waiting for you to give us chance.

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