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(Была на сайте 3 месяца назад)

просмотрели за месяц: 49
добавили в избранные: 85

Я: 55-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Рак Рак
нахожусь: Берлин, Германия
ищу: 55 - 70-летнего мужчину
для: Брак
Длительные отношения
раса: Европеоидная
семья: В разводе
дети: 1
цвет глаз: Карий
цвет волос: Светлый
телосложение: Стройное
рост: 5' 7'' (170см)
религия: Христианство
выпивка: Иногда выпиваю
курение: Не курю
пища: Не вегетарианец
род занятий: Инженер
образование: Закончил колледж
языки: Английский (Родной)
интересы: Футбол, Спортзал, Шопинг, Пение, Купание, Прогулки

Общая информация:
Will say am a very healthy and very beautiful lady, feel very fit because i love to do my exercise very often. very kind person, very lovely person to be around with, love to joke all the time and always laughing, am a very happy person, i feel like is too short to always worry so much about things that hurts us. Love watching sports, love to travel, love to try my hands on new things all the time.

Am very good looking woman, very nice and very beautiful skin, very fit and healthy, love causal dressing but always on point. Love to dress to kill when is occasion.

Looking forward to meet a very gentleman, looking for someone who is very serious in seeking a lady on here, looking forward to meet a man who love to have a very healthy communication with a lady, not looking for a rude kind of person, someone who is so serious in everything they do and not the fun kind of person. looking forward to meet someone who i can trust, love and spend the rest of my happy life with that person.

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