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Я: 39-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Рыбы Рыбы
нахожусь: Birmingham, Мичиган, США
ищу: 48 - 70-летнего мужчину
для: Брак
Длительные отношения
Партнер для бизнеса
раса: Смешанная
семья: Холост - в браке не был
дети: Нет
цвет глаз: Карий
цвет волос: Тёмно-коричневый
телосложение: Среднее
рост: 5' 6'' (168см)
религия: Другое
выпивка: Иногда выпиваю
курение: Не курю
пища: Не вегетарианец
род занятий: Продажи/Маркетинг
образование: Неоконченное высшее
языки: Английский (Родной)
интересы: Искусство, Бейсбол, Рыбалка, Еда, Футбол, Садоводство, Гольф, Спортзал, Охота, Джаз, Латиноамериканская музыка, Литература, Бокс, Боевые искусства, Мотогонки, Фильмы, Природа, Поп музыка, Чтение, Рок музыка, Мореплавание, Шопинг, Пение, Кемпинг, Купание, Театр, Путешествия, Прогулки, Водные виды спорта, Этническая музыка, Йога, Классическая музыка, Кулинария, Кантри музыка, Велоспорт, Танцевальная музыка, Танцы

Общая информация:
I am extremely active and sociable, friendly and well-balanced. Along with wit and humor, I am a very responsible disciplined person, and I like order in everything. I am purposeful and sympathetic. My key values are: Love, Beauty and Kindness. Life is the flower for which love is the honey! I respect people for who they are not for who they pretend to be. I don't have many hobbies as my job is my life! But I value harmony both regarding body and mind. That is why I take care of my fitness and spiritual world. I like sport, attend shaping classes, enjoy singing and dancing. Good news: I am a brilliant cook! I often go to the cinema, outdoors, picnics, meet my friends. I am a passionate theatergoer! I love all kinds of art and creative work! I enjoy almost everything that can be enjoyed.

I stand at 5ft 6" tall and I am fit with a medium physique. My choice of dress is casual and simple. I don't wear makeup very often except for special occasions. I wear my wavy curly hair pulled back most of the time.

The only love worthy of a name is unconditional. Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get - only with what you are expecting to give - which is everything! There is no more lovely, friendly, charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage. So, I dream of a decent man, as energetic and open as me! I highly appreciate humor, trust, respect and kindness in people. What about you? I hope we dream about similar things and can be a good couple in future. Living is taking the chances, let us take this one!

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