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Я: 35-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Телец Телец
нахожусь: Индианаполис, Индиана, США
ищу: 36 - 71-летнего мужчину
для: Брак
Длительные отношения
раса: Европеоидная
семья: В разводе
дети: 1
цвет глаз: Серый
цвет волос: Светлый
телосложение: Спортивное
рост: 5' 7'' (170см)
религия: Христианство / Католик
выпивка: Иногда выпиваю
курение: Курю иногда
пища: Не вегетарианец
род занятий: Государственный служащий
образование: Закончил колледж
языки: Английский (Родной)
интересы: Еда, Садоводство, Чтение, Купание, Путешествия, Прогулки, Гольф, Спортзал, Охота, Латиноамериканская музыка, Мотогонки, Фильмы, Музеи, Природа

Общая информация:
I am a romantic at heart, yet realistic, I enjoy quiet time, going for drives, discovering small "unknown or off the track places" reading, movies, theater, music, dancing, nature, love a glass of good red wine, good company and I love cooking…I want to at times make love the whole day, take my partner "around the moon" a couple of times, walk naked in the house while we are both alone.

I am a early morning riser and a night owl, I am impulsive and adventurous however I’m not into mind games, the person must just say what they want, feel etc, be straight forward, express their opinions.

I want a soul mate, someone that is as passionate about life as I am, passionate about love, yes I am a romantic at heart, someone who can share their, thoughts, dreams, passions and opinions, to slow dance with, someone who does not allow a clock to blind them, just to reach a goal or instant gratification but is open to the fact that each moment of life is a mystery, yet always a miracle. I want someone to join me that has had both the tears and the laughter as part of their life

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