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Я: 53-летний мужчина
знак зодиака: Телец Телец
нахожусь: Grand Lake Road, Нью-Брансуик, Канада
ищу: 19 - 100-летнюю женщину
для: Брак
Длительные отношения
раса: Смешанная
семья: В разводе
дети: 1
цвет глаз: Зеленый
цвет волос: Светло-коричневый
телосложение: Плотное
рост: 6' 0'' (183см)
религия: Христианство
выпивка: Иногда выпиваю
курение: Не курю
пища: Расскажу позже
род занятий: Свободный художник/Артист
образование: Оконченное высшее
языки: Английский (Родной)
интересы: Искусство, Баскетбол, Путешествия, Благотворительность, Танцы, Рыбалка, Еда, Боевые искусства, Чтение, Шопинг, Купание

Общая информация:
I am a man who loves the Lord and desires to accomplish his will. Life is just too short of a journey for anyone to waste time and energy with a person that doesn't challenge you, respect you, accept you, listen to you, caress you, hold you, talk to you, and know when NOT to say anything at all. I believe the greatest things in life are the simple things( Trust or believe Me)..... Sometime life is wet, sometime life is dry, sometime frictionally painful. A friend is someone who understands your past as long as(he/she)believe in u, believes in your future, and accepts you today just the way you are. Life is about love and relationships. Things don't come to us, we must search them out or until they search for u(Believe me). Or at least be aware of opportunities and be willing to reach out as one presents itself. We must also remember everything has a price and memory. That is, everything in our life of real value (relationships) is obtained through some kind of sacrifice and effort. I'm not here to bore you though I would see if there was a woman who might be interested in sharing some quality time with a man who has known more about life...

I will get back!!

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