My cottage on the farm The river's serine and a  place to picnic on weekends its 32 meters long & pretty all year round cant find the pictures of my animals. I'll have to do more tomorrow. Daisy the cow loves children. I want more children too. You can see she's as gentle as can be This is the view from my office on the farm
My cottage on the farm
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Я: 62-летний мужчина
знак зодиака: Овен Овен
нахожусь: Йоханнесбург, Южно-Африканская Республика
ищу: 34 - 49-летнюю женщину
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Member5757489 has visited 21 places.
Лондон, Великобритания @ 2 Farm Lane Fulham (Holiday to Rememberance Day) 2016-11-10
I Like to go to rememberance ceremonies to meet old friends from military days. It is a time to remember those that fell in action and also to celebrate being alive. I will also spend time with my daughter and her fiance and I would like to take them to theater to watch cats and for my son-in-law to be to the rugby.
Афины, Греция @ St Johns Hotel (Holiday to Hydra, Ciros, Naxos, Mykonos,) 2016-08-22
Going to be taking my annual holiday to Greece for sailing sun, scuba diving, history tours and other fun.
Nylstroom, Южно-Африканская Республика @ WATERBERG GAME RESERVE (Holiday with my daughter Charlotte) 2016-04-15
I'm very excited to be going away with my daughter for a week to a game lodge. She met a very nice man and I hope they'll marry.
Hereford, Великобритания @ Remembrance day Hereford (Remembrance & Holiday) 2011-11-09
This was a very moving ceremony. The RAF dropped a million poppies over the airfield. the countryside was beautiful as always.It was good to meet old friends I hadn't seen for thirty years.
Мельбурн, Австралия @ Melbourne (Brothers 50th Birthday) 2009-08-10
It was fabulous party. We hired motorcycles and spent three days riding around Victoria Province which is very beautiful
Sion, Швейцария @ Verbier Ski Resort (Holiday) 2009-04-10
Went with a an old school friend George. I spent most of this holiday on my left ski while the right wrapped itself around the nearest tree. Once I managed by first Blue slope and I was addicted.
Париж, Франция @ Hotel George V (World Cup Rugby) 2008-10-01
We had a blast racing around Paris on Bicycles, watching rugby, clubbing and taking day trips to historic sites.
Zug, Швейцария @ Mattahorn (Skiing Holiday) 2007-04-06
Spend most of this holiday learning to ski on my face, but it was fun. I enjoyed skiing a lot. I went with an old school friend Alexi and her daughter
Reno, NV @ Reno Nevada (Work advertising safaris & a week Ski Holiday thereafter) 2005-03-09
The work was not great, but the holiday afterwards at Tahoe was magnificent. It was a wonderful town split down the middle: half in California and half in Nevada, each with different entertain bye laws. It was a laugh packing up at the bars on one side of town to go to the other side of town at ten o'clock at night. I wishes I could stay longer, but my flights were booked.
ad-Dammām, Саудовская Аравия @ Sheraton (Work) 2000-01-05
An interesting country, but don't ask me to live there. Ouch
Гётеборг, Швеция @ Meeting Morgan at Gotteborg (Work with play) 1999-08-10
We arrived on the middle of a music festival. teh air was electric with sound and bubbling happy people. We had four days holiday after securing a distributors licence from the Swedes. They ar every nice people.
Рим, Италия @ Vatican City (Holiday) 1999-02-15
What a city with magnificent history this is. I will go back to spend more time in the museums and also to tour Tuscany
Нью-Йорк, NY @ Oyster Bay rented home (Wok) 1999-01-16
It's a very beautiful city, but its even better in the country at Oyster Bay. I loved living there. Work was awful because of my partners wife constantly bickering.
Санкт Петербург, Россия @ Stayed with friends (Romance) 1995-08-07
Won my bride eventually after two years, but she did n't get on my my daughter then aged 12, so I had to leave the relationship. She was a fantastic woman and person, but not to my child, so blood won over water. Very sad. But still the most lovely romance ever.
Родос, Греция @ Sailing Tour of Greece (Holiday) 1991-08-10
What a fantastic trip that was, with the sun, the season and youth on my side.
Port Elizabeth, Южно-Африканская Республика @ Kidnapped - Port Elizabeth to Cape Town (Holiday) 1989-12-20
Kidnapped my friend's father after her wedding in Port Elizabeth) and returned him to her mother (his wife) ten days later; 1,000 km away another city (Cape Town. It was the most fantastic holiday of all time. We flew up an down the coast running away from Eric's wife Barbara for ten days. As she drove south we'd fly 100 km north. When she turned north, we flew south. We played cat'and mouse with her for ten days, then eventually returned Eric on new years eve at half an hour before mid-night.
Grand Baie, Маврикий @ Beach House at Grand Baie (Holiday) 1988-10-15
We six bachelors went on holiday together. The travel agent didn't tell us October is the cyclone season. We arrived in the middle of huge 160 kmh cyclone. We had to shutter all the windows because tree's branches were flying through the air, shattering windows. So, we made the best of the miserable weather. We bought a half dozen cases of Scotch Whiskey: got drunk for ten days, while playing cards and singing ballads while strumming the guitar.
Франкфурт-на-Майне, Германия @ Tour of Germany (Holiday) 1987-08-10
I liked the Germans. They are a bit boring, but easy to get along with. The architecture of the Cologne Cathedral, still unfinished after hundred of years is stunning. The towns are beautifully kept and history pounds in your hears everywhere you go.
Лиссабон, Португалия @ Tour of Portugal from Lisbon to Sagres (Holiday) 1984-04-30
A very beautiful country that was in those days a very cheap holiday with lots of fascinating museums to go to.
Лондон, Великобритания @ Tour of Lakes District starting from London to Wyndemere (Holiday) 1984-04-08
Probably the most beautiful place I have ever visited.
Париж, Франция @ Hotel George V (Tour of Paris) 1984-04-01
Magnificent Architecture, Lovely food, extremely expensive, but an overall good experience,

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