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Я: 38-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Телец Телец
нахожусь: Хабаровск, Россия
ищу: 29 - 39-летнего мужчину
дети: Нет
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Julliett has visited 5 places.
Daliang, Китай @ Mercury Hotel (travel) 2008-06-12
I visited Dalyan (it wasn't in list of cities!) I liked Chinese food, parks, a zoo, a Chinese Disneyland and a seaquarium. It's difficult to move and live without a guid in China due to the Chinese don't speak any foreign language. But they're kind people and always try to help you if you need.
Poreč, Хорватия @ Laguna Grand Vista (travel) 2007-09-03
I had heard a lot about Croatia before I went there. It had seemed to me as too boring country especially after the trip to Thailand. But as soon as I came there, I changed my opinion at once. Everything in this country is fantastic: nature, air, people, cities, food... Everything is changed in yourself when you're there.
Pattaya, Таиланд @ Grand Jomtien Palace (travel) 2006-03-21
I came this hot country "from the winter in the summer" - as we say in Russia. 2 weeks with nothing to do just swimming, taking the sun, chatting and laughing. And very hot nights, dances, drinks... It's a very comfortable place for me.
Сеул, Южная Корея (travel) 1999-08-09
Everything strange in this country. They call their country as "Country of a morning freshness". I agree to that. We spent really crazy days there. I liked rollercoasters and other stuff in the "Lotte World" park, aquapark "Corribian Bay".
Рим, Италия (travel) 1998-06-21
It was the first time in my life I've gone abroad)) I visited not only Rome but Florence, San Marino, Vatikan, Venice, Rimini, Pisa... It pasted 10 years, but still now I remember every city had been visited by me. I wish I visited all these places one more time.

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