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schoonerman (Был на сайте 3 недели назад)
68-летний мужчина ищет женщин 45-57; В разводе
Сиэтл, страпон знакомство Вашингтон, США
I am a lover of the sea and can be found almost always on a sailboat. i am passionate about the person i care about and will honor her as a treasured memory. I have friends all over the world but my heart belongs in the
rogerm159 (Был на сайте в этом месяце)
55-летний мужчина ищет женщин 27-47; В разводе
Kelso, знакомства бдсм Вашингтон, США
I keep myself busy with outdoor activities their is so many. My work and taking care of my family is also very important to me. I am 5-5 feet tall, thining hair that is starting to gray I am a fit to slender body style
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