photo_1 Faith that can move mountain, hope that is bright like the sun shinning in the morning!
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Я: 43-летняя женщина
знак зодиака: Овен Овен
нахожусь: Ossian, Индиана, США
ищу: 40 - 55-летнего мужчину
для: Дружба
Друзья по переписке
раса: Азиат
семья: В разводе
дети: 2
цвет глаз: Коричневый
цвет волос: Чёрный
телосложение: Среднее
рост: 5' 0'' (153см)
религия: Христианство / Другое
выпивка: Иногда выпиваю
курение: Не курю
пища: Не вегетарианец
род занятий: Студент
certified nurse assistant and nursing student
образование: Неоконченное высшее
языки: Филиппинский (Родной)
Английский (Разговорный и письменный)
интересы: Христианская музыка, Кантри музыка, Путешествия, Танцевальная музыка, Еда, Садоводство, Спортзал, Фильмы, Природа, Религия, Шопинг

Общая информация:
Hello, I'm a single mom of two boys ages 14 and 16 and had been divorced for almost 10 years. I work as a certified nurse assistant, a nursing student and a mother. I devoted my life and time with kids and preparing for the future but now opening myself to possibilities but I would like to meet friends first and interested of knowing someone with different views and different culture. I love to travel and I enjoyed working in my flower garden when I am not working or not in school.

I always says, the earth likes me!: ) I am 5 feet tall, weight? that is the woman's worst enemies!: ) I'm not too fat but not too thin. My friend told me that I'm a woman with curves!; ) I dress casual but sometimes like to dress on occasion.

I like to exchange email as a friend, pen pal and who know what might lead into... I'm interest of looking at the window of my computer different countries, culture and their beauties and wonders.

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